Euro 2020 TikTok Content

I love everything related to graphic design and motion design, but my biggest passion is probably making memes. So when VRT Creative Lab reached out to me with the question if I wanted to create dank content for the Sporza TikTok during EURO 2020 I said “YES DADDY, BRING IT ON!!!!!”. Truth be told, I didn’t even properly […]

Deliveroo AR Experience

I often design for Playar, an agency specialized in augmented reality. As a designer/art director I first design the augmented reality experiences in Photoshop through storyboards which they then develop into a working experience. This is probably my favourite AR experience I designed so far. These are the storyboards I delivered from which they […]

Club Gewoon Social Content

Some people are crazy enough to give me money to make memes for them. Aster of Club Gewoon is one of those people. She let me use ‘business as usual’ as my personal punching bag. Below is a small selection of the memes I made.

Fan Fiction event branding

Fan Fiction is a cosy club event in Berlin. They give me total freedom to design whatever weirdness pops in my head. Most of the illustrations are based on existing meme formats. Can you guess which ones?

Surviving in Belgium Title Design

AKA De Mensen were shooting 5 different advertorials (yes that is a word) with Tom Waes for AXA and they needed a cool title animation which ended on a different screen for each episode. I designed 5 different ending screens and then threw them together in an epic ‘choose your character’ intro.

Kasette Koffie Branding

Reuben from Kasette Koffie came to me with the question if I could design a synthwave style logo for him. I ended up giving him 2 options, 1 which was more neon and one which was more airbrushed. The client ended up going for the neon version.

Animated ads for 11.11.11

The Belgian NGO 11.11.11 battles injustice in the world. One of their recent targets is to vote in a new duty of care law in Belgium.

The Power of Hope Explainer

This wholesome explainer video was created for the city of Antwerp & the European Family Justice Center Alliance to educate & help people who suffer from trauma.